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The Creation of GSG Associates
After creating and developing a number of programs for United HealthCare, Glenda Garrard was a Vice President of their national Workers’ Compensation practice. In April of 1994, United HealthCare was in the process of deciding to leave the California Work Comp market. Well aware that she could find a job in the industry as she was very visible nationwide at that time, Glenda decided instead to go work for herself, to realize her ideals of a company and to provide services to the Workers' Compensation industry in California. She believed, that contrary to UHC's assessment, California desperately needed fundamentally sound medical management cost containment services. Having developed the entire group health and workers' compensation medical management programs for UHC, Glenda decided to build a company to serve the needs of the California market. The next few hours would be very busy for Glenda: • Since UHC was terminating its services in California, Glenda negotiated the intelligence for a number of programs in her termination package. • She then picked up the phone and called some of the soon to be stranded clients and offered the new GSG Associates services to them. Right off the bat, one of these clients was willing to buy the program from the nurses that had worked it for UHC. So GSG had its first client. • Now it was time to find an office; Glenda then called a neighbor who had a television production company with an office in Pasadena and she had extra desks and phone lines, so GSG Associates had an office, phone line, and FAX number. GSG had an office. • Additionally, Glenda negotiated keeping her lap top computer and printer from UHC, so GSG had its first computer and we were able to produce our work product. On Monday April 18, 1994, GSG Associates opened its doors and came into existence.
Mission Statement

  • GSG Associates, Inc. strives to be a leader in medical/ disability cost containment solutions for our clients by providing flexible services to adapt to THEIR needs, not OURS.
  • Our goal is to excel in regulatory compliance, exceed best-practice standards, and continue to choose the RIGHT people for the job.
  • Our passion and integrity remains at the core of servicing our clients and remains the golden thread and the golden rule in our business practice.
Executive Bios

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