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GSG Associates, Inc. was founded in 1994, in Pasadena, California, by Registered Nurses who utilized their vision and experience to create medical and disability management products unique for each client and delivered with a personal touch. GSG’s outstanding programs provide measurable savings while assuring the most appropriate care for their injured or ill employees. This, along with GSG’s solid reputation, has helped them grow into a successful company that currently serves an expanding client base with customized medical management services.

bullet_ArrowUtilization Review

GSG's Utilization Management program has shown outstanding results and great client satisfaction for all of our clients. Additionally, it is likely that we will save you money on the cost of UR services while providing even better results for your company and reducing your exposure to penalties through a collaborative approach to Utilization Review or Medical Management.

bullet_ArrowUM/CM Software: VCMS

GSG’s Virtual Case Management Solution® (VCMS) web-based software system for Medical Case Management/Utilization review was designed by our in-house development team, capitalizing on GSG’s Core Competencies gained from providing these services since 1994. VCMS facilitates and streamlines processing of utilization review requests and performing Case Management functions.

bullet_ArrowEarly Intervention Medical/Disability Management

GSG’s unique program combines early communication with providers, Utilization Review for inpatient and outpatient services, network channeling, medical case management and early return to work by the one GSG nurse assigned to the account. The assigned GSG nurse can be placed in the claims department on the employer’s premises to facilitate communication.

bullet_ArrowIntegrated Medical/Disability Management Program

GSG’s Integrated Medical/Disability Management Program blends early medical intervention and transitional task management for occupational and non-occupational injury and/or illness.

bullet_ArrowLegal Nurse

GSG's Legal Nurse Consultants assist the claims professional and attorney by acting as their "medical liaison". Medical records are analyzed for many issues including the existence of pre-existing medical conditions and treatment not related to the accepted injury. Medical references are cited and included in final reports. Our nurses analyze provider reports with a trained eye and assist the adjuster or attorney to identify areas where additional information is needed to defend or support the providers conclusions.

bullet_ArrowNurse Liaison

The Nurse Liaison product is a benefit provided by employers to assist their employees through the maze of their HMO or other healthcare benefit plans. The GSG nurse acts as a neutral advocate for the employee. Employees have direct access to immediate medical answers and assistance, which enables the employer to reduce medical costs and maintain a healthier, more productive employee base. The ultimate outcome is a reduction of transition into more costly health plans and lost-time days.

bullet_ArrowPhysician Advisement

GSG offers a team of Physician Advisors that may provide cost-effective, and unbiased medical reviews. Recent change in workers' comp laws and regulations have resulted in mandatory peer-reviewed utilization review by licensed physicians. Employers and carriers are now required to utilize physicians who are familiar with current regulations inclusive of familiarity with use of evidence bases guidelines.

bullet_ArrowRunaway File Management Program "Old Dog” Solution

GSG’s Runaway File Review and Management Program is a solution for your “Old Dog” claims. These are the claims that have turned sour or have been ongoing for a long period of time. They may have multiple treating physicians and months or years of TTD. They may involve treating doctors unwilling or unable to release the injured employee to transitional duty, or to write a P & S report. These claims may have years of unwarranted, unsuccessful chiropractic and/or other treatment, involve multiple body parts and have a complex medical history. They are usually time consuming to review.

bullet_ArrowTransitional Duty Management

Transitional Duty Management assists the employer to develop a transitional task program which enables an employee to return to the workplace more rapidly, improving employee morale and accelerating the return to full work duties. A GSG nurse assists the employer to identify transitional tasks and define the essential abilities necessary to perform these tasks. During the course of the program, the GSG nurse works with the employer, the ill or injured employee, the doctor and the administrator to make the Transition Duty Program succeed and to gradually return the employee back to his regular work duties. The Transitional Duty Management program bridges the timeframe between the initial illness/injury disability and the point where evaluation of customary work duties or accommodation of residual disability, in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), must take place. The Transitional Duty Management program also helps the employer document ADA compliance activities.

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