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Nurse Liaison

The Nurse Liaison product is a benefit provided by employers to assist their employees through the maze of their HMO or other healthcare benefit plans. The GSG nurse acts as a neutral advocate for the employee. Employees have direct access to immediate medical answers and assistance, which enables the employer to reduce medical costs and maintain a healthier, more productive employee base. The ultimate outcome is a reduction of transition into more costly health plans and lost-time days.

  • The GSG nurse is located at the employer site, providing easy accessibility for the employees. This nurse is knowledgeable regarding the employer’s available health plans.
  • The employee brings medical questions, plan issues, concerns and difficulties to the GSG nurse for assistance and facilitation.
  • The GSG nurse assists the employee with the communication between the plan and/or doctor’s offices, hospital, etc. facilitating medical care and/or expediting doctor visits and referrals.
  • The GSG nurse assists the employee to formulate questions to ask their doctor and helps them understand the answers they receive.
  • The GSG nurse assists employees with making decisions regarding treatment, facility and physician choices.
  • The GSG nurse helps gain authorization for tests and treatments and assists in appeals for denied treatment, reducing health plan disputes.
  • Reduces health care cost by improving employee satisfaction with provided plans.
  • Increases productivity, reduces lost-time days and builds a more stable work force.

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