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Physician Advisement

GSG offers a team of Physician Advisors that may provide cost-effective, and unbiased medical reviews. Recent change in workers' comp laws and regulations have resulted in mandatory peer-reviewed utilization review by licensed physicians. Employers and carriers are now required to utilize physicians who are familiar with current regulations inclusive of familiarity with use of evidence base guidelines.

GSG provides medical-disability reviews with emphasis on peer-to-peer negotiation of appropriate treatment while preserving medical integrity through good medical care.

GSG strives to monitor and improve our physician advisor services by keeping up to date on changes in the labor laws and remain compliant with URAC standards and keeping up with the demands of an ever changing industry.

We use physician expertise to determine medical necessity and appropriateness of care. Patients benefit from specialty - matched reviews by experts familiar with the services in question. Attending physicians can speak to other physicians familiar with specialty unique procedures.

GSG offers a team of Physician Advisors that provide cost-effective, and unbiased medical reviews that is in keeping with current labor laws and guidelines. Our Physician Advisors work directly with our client's adjusters and case management nurses to complete the utilization review team. Ultimately a "holistic" approach to medical/disability management in an ever changing culture, meeting the ever growing needs of our clients with cost containment resulting from appropriate care, by the appropriate providers, at the appropriate time.

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