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Transitional Duty Management

Transitional Duty Management assists the employer to develop a transitional task program, which enables an employee to return to the workplace more rapidly, improving employee morale and accelerating the return to full work duties. A GSG nurse assists the employer to identify transitional tasks and define the essential abilities necessary to perform these tasks. During the course of the program, the GSG nurse works with the employer, the ill or injured employee, the doctor and the administrator to make the Transitional Duty Program succeed and to gradually return the employee back to his regular work duties. The Transitional Duty Management program bridges the timeframe between the initial illness/injury disability and the point where evaluation of customary work duties or accommodation of residual disability, in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), must take place. The Transitional Duty Management program also helps the employer document ADA compliance activities.

  • A GSG nurse works with Human Resources, Risk Management or other departments to outline the transitional task program and identify potential temporary positions. The GSG nurse then meets with each department head to identify specific temporary transitional positions and identifies the abilities needed to perform the tasks.
  • When an injury/illness occurs, the GSG nurse obtains the“abilities” (rather than the restrictions) from the doctor, and correlates these abilities with the transitional job tasks.
  • As the employee progresses medically, the nurse works with the employer to adjust the transitional tasks to the medical progress made.
  • The GSG nurse meets regularly and makes strategic plans with the employer, administrator, and other members of the return to work team.
  • If the doctor notes permanent restrictions, the GSG nurse works with the employer to fit the restrictions/abilities to a permanent modified or alternate job. GSG works within ADA and Workers' Compensation statutes.
  • Preparation for compliance with ADA starts with the first mention of disability, lessening potential exposure for violations.
  • There are no delays in placing an employee into a transitional task position.
  • Placing employees in transitional task positions usually results in the employee returning to full work duties more rapidly, reducing costs of temporary disability and the financial impact of lost productivity.

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