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URAC Accreditation

URAC accreditation is a symbol of quality that identifies best practices and promotes performance measurement by evaluating operations and services against national standards.

Cert #B059900

GSG is a CPUC Certified WBE (Woman Owned Business) URAC

WBE Seal

GSG Associates, Inc.
Founded in 1994, by Registered Nurses, GSG Associates, Inc. provides unique cost-containment solutions through specific programs designed to meet our client’s needs in the Workers' Compensation, Employee Management and Disability Management industry. 

GSG has focused our services on the experience of our founder and Management team, who have over 70 years experience in providing Medical and Disability Management services in a variety of venues and industries.

GSG differentiates ourselves from our competitors in the approach we take to our services: GSG has always brought an Advocacy approach to our work for our clients. GSG believes that if we ensure the injured, or ill, employee receives the appropriate care at the appropriate time from the appropriate provider, and receives the appropriate work restrictions, the employee will experience the best outcome and the employer will be assured that waste is eliminated from the equation. We simply want to do the right thing for injured workers, and employers.

Longevity and loyalty: All of our executives have been with GSG for a minimum of ten (10) years, and many of our staff of Nurse Consultants have been with GSG for more than ten (10) years.

Absence Management
Return To Work
Utilization Review
Employee absences cost their employers in both direct and indirect costs. Whether it's a sick call, short or long term disability, FMLA (family-related leave), federal or state mandated leaves, company medical leaves, or workers' compensation... (more)
Transitional Duty Management assists the employer to develop a transitional task program, which enables an employee to return to the workplace more rapidly, improving employee morale and accelerating the return to full work duties. A GSG nurse works... (more)
GSG's URAC Accredited Utilization Review program is an Outcomes-based program, as opposed to Denial-based.  GSG Reviewers assure the injured worker receives the most appropriate care, at the appropriate time, from the appropriate provider.  (more)

Why GSG?

GSG provides premier service programs in Medical and Disability Management, Utilization/ Peer Review, Nurse Case management, Absence Management, Integrated Management and Return to Work that produce excellent outcomes while maintaining appropriate care. GSG works with Insurers, Self-insured/ administered entities, and TPAs to create programs that fit our client’s specific needs. GSG can also partner with Bill Review organizations, TPAs and other providers to create Best-in-Class solutions for our clients. The executive staff of GSG has over 70 years of cumulative experience in occupational and non-occupational medical Utilization Review, Disability Management and Absence Management. GSG offers programs encompassing Medical and Disability Management, Absence Management, Nurse Advocacy programs and has always customized our programs to meet our clients’ needs.

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